Google Groups

To get to Google Groups, click the apps launcher button at the top right of the mail window. Grid


Google AppsThen click the Groups icon. If you don't have that icon in your apps, you will need to add it. To do that, go to to get to the Groups page. Then click the Apps button and at the bottom you will see a link asking you if you want to add a shortcut. Just click that and the icon will be there in the future.

Once you are on the Groups home page, click My groups to see the groups in which you are a member.




To see your Groups settings, click the Edit memberships button at the top of the list of your groups.



 This will take you here:


Notice the drop down box in the center column. You have four choices for email preferences:

  • No email - Do not receive email for group posts. Participate in this group through only the web interface.
  • Abridged email - Receive one summary email of new activity per day. (This is actually one email for EACH group you are a member of.)
  • Digest email - Receive one email for every 25 new messages.
  • Email - Receive an email for every post.

GroupsTo see all the groups, even those you are not a member of, click the Browse all button from the groups Home page.

You will be presented with a list of all groups in our system, usually followed by a description of the group. Depending on the privacy settings of each group, you should be able to click on a group and send them a message even if you're not a member of that group--just send the email to the

If you need to be added to a group, just go to that group and click the blue Join Group button at the top (or sometimes it will say, Apply to be a Member). The administrator of that group will receive a notification that you wish to join and will either approve or disapprove the request.

Some things to remember about Groups:

  • Groups are not just an address in our email directory--they are basically message boards. The email you get from a group is actually just a notice of a posting to that group.
  • You can reply to the entire group or just to the person who started the thread. Please choose carefully and don't reply all if your response is not intended for everyone to see!
  • If you have a question about another topic, you should start a new thread (new post). This helps to keep discussions cohesive and on-topic.
  • Use a subject line that describes the topic. This will help your reader to determine if the posting needs to be read immediately or if it can safely be read later.
  • Postings to our groups never go away. The post is still there and you can find it even if you deleted the notification email from your inbox. This is the beauty of groups! You can always find that info that you need if it was sent to a group. You can use the search feature at the top and search for a message posted by a certain individual, or in a certain time frame. You can also click My Discussions and you will see every post you either started, or responded to.
  • Be very careful about posting to the Everyone group. When we say Everyone, we really do mean Everyone. Anything sent to Everyone should be school business only and information that everyone in the system needs to see.
  • If you are selling something or want to advertise your brother in law's business, it needs to be posted to the Community group--a group set up just for that purpose and that staff may join or not join based on their personal preferences.